Blanchard Springs, AR

Blanchard Springs is a gorgeous year round spring gushing (12,000 gallons per minute) from the base of a mountain and mouth of a cave in the Ozark National Forest. Getting to the Falls from the parking area of the park is an easy stroll down a paved path with plenty of beautiful sights along the way.

The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) built these stone arch bridges (one of which you see here) at the Springs parking lot in the mid 1940s.

The paved nature trail leading to the spring

Mill creek just below the waterfall at Blanchard Springs.

This eight foot high waterfall is the emergence of Blanchard Spring from one of the cavern’s entrances not open to the public

Physical Address:
Ark. 14 West
Fifty Six, AR 72533
Phone: 870-269-3228
Toll-Free: 888-757-2246
Fax: 870-757-2675


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